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Need help fulfilling your New Year’s Resolutions?

At this time of year many people have already made and possibly already broken there New Year’s resolutions. However some aspirations may be more easily achieved than you first imagined. There are many different improvements people want to make in the New Year either to themselves or surroundings and here at Convert Your Garage we want to help where-ever possible.

“I want to improve my fitness”
If you began at the start of year saying that you wanted to improve your fitness, why not fulfil your resolution by converting your unused garage space into a gym? Doing this means you won’t have to shell out money every month for a membership and waste petrol money driving to and from the gym when all you want to do is exercise! So why not dispose of your empty cardboard boxes and make room for a running machine or exercise bike!

“I want to spend more time with my family”
Do you want to spend more time at home making memories with your family but can never find a place you can all relax and have fun together? Why not transform your garage into a new living room or play room so that you can enjoy spending quality time together in a homely environment.

“I want to improve my career”
Do you want to spend more time focusing on your career but struggling to balance it with your home life? Why not adapt your home to suit you and your family’s needs. You could transform your derelict garage space into an office so that you can enjoy quality time at home and having dinner as a family whilst still being able to focus on your work whenever needed.

“I want to be able to host parties and entertain my family and friends”
Hosting parties and spending more time with your family and friends may be your new year’s resolution but sometimes it is simply not possible due to the lack of space in your home. So why not create an open plan living room and kitchen area by using your unused garage area into dynamic room that can be enjoyed by all the family.

Do you need help fulfilling your New Year’s resolution? Please call us here at Convert Your Garage on 0161 766 6518 so that we can discuss the best way to transform your unused room into an ideal space that can work for you and your family. Alternatively visit our website and take a look at some of the conversions we have completed.

Looking to convert your garage in the New Year?

It’s most definitely that time of year again.. the adverts are all cropping up on TV, the lights are beginning to be turned on, yes it’s getting nearer to Christmas once again!

With the enjoyable time of year also comes worrying from many families asking themselves many questions such as this…

Where are the Children going to play during the day?
Is there enough room for us all at the dining room table?
Is there going to be enough space for our relatives to stay the night?
Wouldn’t it be great if there was more room for the kids to open their presents?

All of these questions have one simple solution… a garage conversion.
You can transform your home and the space available simply by converting your garage into a functional room for you and your family.

Wouldn’t it be nice if on Christmas Day 2015 you could leave the kids to play with all their new toys in a playroom so that the adults can relax and enjoy some downtime. Have you ever got annoying that toys seem to end up all over the house? Well not anymore! A playroom will allow the kids to have a space where they can enjoy themselves without you worrying about clearing up the house later on!

Have you ever wanted your relatives and friends to stay the night on Christmas Eve or day but there is simply no room? A garage conversion welcomes the idea of a spare bedroom so you can now offer your family and friends a place to stay so that can relax without having the worry about driving home later at night.

Do you ever worry the night before Christmas that there is not going to be enough room at the table for everybody? Why not convert your garage into a new dining room so that there is always plenty of room for guests at your large table!

Were you running out of room last year when your kids were opening their presents or did you run out of seats for your guests in the evening?
If you were to change your unused space into a living room then you could be able to offer all your guests a place to relax so you can all socialise and enjoy the day together.

Interested in converting your garage into the ideal space for your home in the New Year? Why not call us now on 0161 766 6518 or visit our website to find out how we can help your dream become a reality.

Reasons why you should convert your garage this winter

Have you ever dreamt about living in the perfect house? The idea of decorating rooms that show off your individual style, and picking out unique furniture and room colours that suit you and your family is something that we may have thought about at one time or another.

However finding a home to fit your exact needs isn’t always easy. In fact finding a house where every detail is perfect and affordable is almost impossible! Budget, Location, Land Space can all be a factor.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have extra space designed specifically by you to fit your purpose?

I’m guessing the first thing that springs to mind is an extension, but what if there was an alternative to this? Here at Convert your Garage ( we have the solution!

We can provide you with garage conversions at an affordable price and ensure that the job is done to a high standard to suit your needs.

There are so many things that you can do with wasted garage space. So why use it as a place to dump rubbish and unused belongings when it has the potential to become so much more. After all, rubbish belongs in the bin – not your garage.

“What could I do to make use of the space in my garage?”

A living room?
How about creating your own space away from the stress of everyday drama, somewhere to relax by the cosy fire in winter after a long day. Your unused garage could become your dream living room.

An office?
Homes often have too many distractions to work from, the TV on in background, the phone ringing constantly and even the kettle whistling away can be off putting. Creating your own office space can allow you to still be close to home, whilst working in a quiet appropriate environment where you can focus on your work. You could even have a separate entrance to invite your clients through, without them tripping over toys left in the hallway of the main part of your home.

A spare bedroom?
Are you having guests over to stay this winter?
Having a space bedroom is a huge benefit, especially at Christmas time when houses are often over loaded with family! Having enough space for your friends and family could save an extortionate amount of money on taxi and hotel costs and would simply be a bonus having everybody together.

The list of possibilities for your unused garage space could go on forever. Here at Convert Your Garage we’ll make sure your conversion is exactly how you envision it.

Contact Convert your Garage now on 01617666518 for more information on how we can help you turn your idea of owning your dream home into reality.


It’s the end of summer and time to start on new projects – like a garage conversion for example…

September is a good time to start afresh now that the summer holidays are over. For some it is back to work and others it may even be time for a change or chance to start something new. At Freeform Construction we specialise in converting garages into usable spaces to suit your ever changing requirements.

Time to get your own office?

Are you struggling to find a space in your house to work amongst the toys, clothes, magazines and bills etc? Why not create your own designated work space? Some of our previous clients simply wanted an office space for all the family to use at home, in effect creating a ‘media room’. On the other hand you may have a long to commute to work and want to have a home office option for those winter days when the roads are impassable or simply to create a satellite base, enabling you to work from home for half the week. Freeform Construction can design and convert your existing garage into a professional work space for you to conduct your business.

Can you really convert our old garage into an office?

Of course – Freeform Construction are specialists in garage conversion with many testimonials and happy customers all around Manchester and the North West. Some of our customers are content for the new room to be part of their house but others wish to conduct their business separately to their home life even though it is under the same roof. If you require the latter we can even look at adding in a toilet to ensure you are self-contained and can receive your own customers on site.

Converting your garage could even save you business costs!

Converting your garage into a dedicated office, in the long term could save you considerable costs in floor rental in an office block, as well as saving you commuting time and fuel/travel costs. You will find that the costs are soon repaid and you get exactly what you want to suit your business requirements.

Storage and fit out

Due to our experience and specialism in garage conversion, at Freeform Construction we have the ideas and suggestions to help you make the most of your space. We can advise you and fit integral storage and desk layouts to your requirements – ensuring your office space is ready to use the day we leave.

Professionalism and efficient working

Freeform Construction understand the need for professionalism in your business and we always aim to finish our projects promptly with the minimum amount of disruption to your lives. Leaving your property clean and tidy is one of our key aims along with consideration for customers on site. As you will see from our previous customers this is our trade mark. You can rely on Freeform for a job well done.

To arrange an informal chat about your garage conversion ideas and no obligation quote, please contact us on 0161 766 6518 or 0796 806 4939 or email us We look forward to our next conversion challenge.

How to Choose a Builder to Convert Your Garage

One of the most popular home improvements is the garage conversion. By converting your garage you’re utilising that wasted space and turning it into something you’ll actually use. A new bedroom, office, home gym, children’s playroom – the possibilities are endless.

The first step towards converting your garage is choosing an experienced, high quality builder to carry out the work. But how do you sort the professionals from the cowboys?

Convert Your Garage ( provide high-quality garage conversion services across the Manchester area. They’ve converted garages throughout Whitefield, Prestwich, Bolton, Bury and beyond. Here’s their helpful guide to choosing the right builder to convert your garage for you.

Choose a builder with garage conversion experience

While some builders claim to be jacks of all trades, be wary – they could easily be masters of none. Garage conversions need not be a lengthy process, but they do require a certain level of knowledge and skill. So if you’re looking for a builder to convert your garage, ensure they’ve converted garages before.

Find out how many jobs they work on at once

If your builder is giving full care and attention to your garage conversion, it should only take around seven days (give or take a few days depending on the size of the job). However, less committed builders may be juggling several jobs at once, stretching yours out much longer than it should be. Ensure you ask how many jobs your builder will be working on during your garage conversion – ideally, you’ll be the only one.

Ask how many of their previous garage conversion have passed building regulations

A great way to gauge the quality of a builder’s work is whether or not it passes building regulations – helping you judge the quality and safety standards of the work. Ask about this before deciding which builder will be carrying out your garage conversion. And ensure their work is guaranteed for a good few years, so you’re covered should anything go wrong.

Read testimonials

Another way to judge the quality of a builder is by reading testimonials from previous customers. If a builder has great testimonials, they’re much more likely to be reliable, honest and to a high standard.

If you’re in the Manchester area, and you think you’d benefit from a garage conversion, speak to Convert Your Garage. With around 200 garages converted across the Manchester, Bury and Bolton areas – 100% of which have passed building regulations – they’re experts at what they do. They only ever work on one job at a time – so it won’t drag on for weeks on end.

Find out more about their garage conversion services and read great testimonials from previous customers at

What People Say About Builders – And How It Can Help You Choose Yours

When it comes to choosing your builder, nothing’s more helpful than great testimonials from previous customers. Builders and construction services may promise the earth, but the only way to really ensure their quality is from their previous work. Freeform Construction are based in Whitefield, and offer a wide range of building services across Bury, Bolton, Prestwich and Manchester. Here, they present genuine customer feedback – and explain how it can help you to choose your builder…

“…from his initial visit and receiving the quote and the outline of what was to be done I knew his was the company I would use.”

The importance of meeting your prospective builder in person cannot be understated. Meeting face-to-face helps put your mind at ease – you’ll get an idea of the type of person your builder is, you can explain exactly what you want, and they can explain how they’ll do it and how much it will cost.

“Totally professional from start to finish. Turned up sharp and early working tirelessly to get the work done. Courteous and friendly, they took full pride in their work.”

Good customer service and a professional attitude is essential. You don’t want a builder who slacks off, drinks tea all day, is rude and doesn’t care about the job! Try to choose a builder who concentrates on one job at a time, such as Freeform Construction – that way, you’re always top priority.

“We were recommended Freeform Construction by a friend and were initially impressed with the response to our enquiry and the quotation received… would recommend them to others and certainly we would use them again.”

Asking friends and family for recommendations can be a great way to ensure you’re getting high-quality customer service and building work. In this instance, Freeform Construction were recommended to the client, who went on to recommend them to others as they were so impressed.

“Any snags or issues we brought to Jim’s attention were quickly resolved, without fuss.”

Let’s be honest: things don’t always go according to plan. But a good builder will be prepared to put these things right, without bumping up the cost. You should ensure any work comes with a lengthy guarantee – all Freeform Construction’s work comes with a 10 year guarantee as standard.

“The end result… We are absolutely delighted, the standard of work is fantastic and totally exceeds our expectations.”

And, ultimately, that’s what really matters – the quality of the work. No matter how friendly and professional your builder is, it counts for nothing if the end result isn’t up to scratch.

All the above quotes are about the same building and construction service – Freeform Construction. With such glowing testimonials, it’s clear to see that Freeform Construction offer superb service and high-quality results. So if you’re based in Whitefield, Prestwich, Bury, Bolton or Manchester, and you need a builder, why not speak to Freeform Construction? Find out more at

Stop Dreaming About That Conservatory, And Make It Happen…

Wouldn’t you love a conservatory in which to relax, unwind and enjoy sunny days? Adding a conservatory to your house can also make it more attractive to buyers, ensuring a faster sale and higher value once you put your house on the market.

Although building a conservatory may seem like a massive project, if you choose the right builder it can be a relatively speedy, hassle-free process.

Based in Whitefield, Freeform Construction ( have constructed conservatories and carried out a wide range of home improvements and building projects across the Manchester, Bury and Bolton areas. Here’s their quick conservatory checklist…

1. Decide exactly what you want from your conservatory

The first thing to do is to plan how you want your new conservatory to look. French doors? Victorian roof? Glass ceiling? There are so many options, so think carefully, and pick a style you like before contacting a builder.

2. Choose your builder wisely

Does your builder have previous conservatory experience? Can they provide testimonials from previous customers? Will they give you a thorough breakdown of the costs and timescales of the project? Will they be giving your project their full attention, rather than flitting from job to job? (Choose Freeform Construction and the answer to all of those questions is a resounding yes.)

3. Fully inspect your new conservatory

So you’ve found a reliable builder, and they’ve delivered. But what if something’s not right? What if what you agreed and the end result are substantially different? If so, speak to your builder right away – a reliable professional builder will make sure it’s put right straight away. And if things go wrong years down the line, you may be covered by your guarantee. (Freeform Construction offers a 10-year guarantee on every project).

4. Enjoy your new conservatory!

Congratulations – you have a new conservatory! It’s time to furnish with tables and chairs, then just sit back with a drink and admire your garden in style and comfort.

Hassle-free conservatories with Freeform Construction

If you’re based in the Manchester or Bury area, why not find out how Freeform Construction can turn your dream conservatory into a reality? With years of experience of carrying out building and construction work across Whitefield, Prestwich, Bolton and beyond, and 100% of their projects passing building regulations, your project’s in safe hands with Freeform Construction.

Whether you’re looking for a new conservatory, garage conversion, house repairs or any other building or construction work on your house, they can get it all done – on spec, on budget and on time. Visit for more details, case studies and testimonials from very happy customers.

7 Steps Before Building Work Begins on Your Home

Does your house need building or construction work? Before you employ your builder, it’s well worth reviewing this 7-step guide from Freeform Construction.

Freeform Construction ( have successfully carried out over 165 construction jobs across Whitefield, Prestwich, Bury, Bolton and Manchester – with every single one passing building regulations – so they certainly know what they’re talking about.

Here’s what they suggest…

1. Look for a local builder

Choose a local builder and they’ll spend less time travelling to your job, and it’ll be easier for them to go back to base if they find they need extra equipment or materials.

2. Ask your friends and previous customers

Recommendations from friends are always well worth consideration – especially if you’ve been impressed with the work they’ve had done. Also, you should ask any prospective builders for testimonials from previous customers – many will have a selection on their website.

3. Shortlist a few builders

Choose at least three builders to come to quote on your job. You’ll get an idea of pricing, as well as what the builder is like – remember, you’re trusting them with your house, so you want to get it right.

4. Ask each builder to break down their quote

Find out exactly what you’re paying for – and get it in writing. Although unexpected additions to the final bill are sometimes necessary, getting a fully itemised quote up front can make this much less likely.

5. Find out how many of each builder’s previous jobs met building regulations

A good indicator of a high-quality builder is how many of their jobs have met building regulations. (For Freeform Construction, this figure is 100%).

6. Check how many jobs they’ll be working on at once

For builders who take on multiple jobs simultaneously, there could be times your job isn’t their top priority. They could be “stuck” at another job, or putting their focus and attention on someone else’s property. Try to choose a builder who only takes on one job at a time.

7. Demand a guarantee – and be clear on what’s covered

Ensure a lengthy guarantee is included – on building work, a ten-year guarantee is more than fair. And do check what the guarantee covers (for example, does it cover the deposit)?

If you’re based in Whitefield or Prestwich, or anywhere else in the Bury, Manchester or Bolton area, Freeform Construction can deliver every step of the way.

They have glowing testimonials from many happy customers – you can read just a few of them on their website. They’ll give you a full, clear quote for your job. They only ever work on one job at a time – you’ll have their undivided attention. And a comprehensive 10-year guarantee is included on all their work – which even covers the deposit.

Learn more about what Freeform Construction can do for you by calling 0161 766 6518 or visiting

5 Things You Must Consider Before Hiring a Builder

– Your Building & Construction Checklist

Whether performing essential maintenance and repairs, or extending and enhancing your property, all homeowners require the services of a builder at some point.

We’ve all seen the horror stories on TV and in newspapers about “cowboy builders”. But with so many builders out there, how can you be sure you’re choosing a good one?

Based in Whitefield, and working throughout Prestwich, Bolton, Bury and Manchester, Freeform Construction ( offer a wide range of building and construction services. Garage conversions, home extensions, window installation, paving – no job is too big or small.

They’ve produced this easy-to-use checklist to help you choose the right builder for your job – and to avoid getting ripped off…

1. What exactly do you need building or constructing?

Before you even speak to a builder, decide exactly what construction work you require. If you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for and what you expect from your builder, you can brief them more thoroughly, they’ll be able to give you a more accurate estimate of timescales and costs, and they’re more likely to produce work you’re happy with.

2. Does the builder have experience of similar jobs?

To ensure your builder is fit for your job, ask what similar projects they’ve carried out previously. And be sure to ask for testimonials from previous customers. Be very, very wary if they can’t provide you with customer testimonials – they could have something to hide.

3. How many projects do they work on at one time?

If your builder is working on several projects at once, it means they’re not giving your job their full attention – and if they’re prioritising another project ahead of yours, it’ll take longer to get the work completed. Don’t stand for this.

4. How many of their projects have passed building regulations?

You’ll want to ensure the quality of the work, so only choose a builder who’s had a high percentage of their work pass building regulations.

5. What sort of guarantee is offered? And for how long?

Even with the most experienced builders, and even with work that passes building regulations, things can unexpectedly go wrong. Ensure a lengthy and comprehensive guarantee is offered with their work.

If you live in Whitefield, Prestwich or Bolton, or anywhere else in the Manchester or Bury areas, consider Freeform Construction for your next building job.

They have extensive experience of many types of building and construction jobs, with glowing testimonials from delighted customers. They only work on one job at a time – meaning you’re always their top priority. 100% of their previous work has passed building regulations, and for your peace of mind a 10-year guarantee is offered.

Find out more at

How Could a Builder Improve Your Home?

Builders aren’t just there for the nasty things in life, such as leaking roofs or to repair wear and tear – they can also help you make your house even more of a home.

Freeform Construction ( are experienced, professional builders offering a wide range of construction services across Bury and Manchester. Here’s their quick overview of just a few of the ways a good builder can enhance and improve your house – not to mention potentially increasing its value…

Extend your home

Running out of space in your house? Maybe your children are taking up more and more room as they accumulate more “stuff”. Maybe a new arrival’s on the way. Or perhaps you’d just like to have more room to relax in and enjoy your home. In all these situations, a home extension or garage conversion is the ideal solution.

Relax in a conservatory

A great way to improve your house – both in quality and value – is to build a conservatory. Just picture yourself, relaxing in the summertime, sipping a cool drink as the sun’s rays shine through. What could be better?

Paths and paving

If you’re proud of your house – and who isn’t? – you’ll want it to look great. An experienced builder can improve the front of your house with expertly-laid block paving, replacing tired old paving flags or an unkempt, unloved garden.

New windows

If you’re still to get double-glazed windows, or your existing windows are starting to look old and tired, a builder can help here too. Not only do new double-glazed windows look fantastic, they’ll keep the noise out and the heat in – which can seriously reduce your energy bills.

Choose your builder carefully

Once you’ve decided how you’d like to improve your home, it’s time to choose your builder. Construction work on your house is a big undertaking, so it’s important to choose someone you can trust.

You’ll want someone with copious experience of other construction projects. Someone who will deliver the job to the agreed time – and budget. And perhaps most importantly, you’ll want someone confident enough to back up their claims with testimonials from previous customers and a guarantee for their work.

About Freeform Construction

If you’re looking for building or construction work in the Manchester or Bury area, Freeform Construction can help. Home extensions, garage conversions, conservatories, paving, windows – they do all this, and so much more.

Every single one of Freeform’s jobs has passed building regulations – and all work comes with a 10-year guarantee. What’s more, Freeform only work on one project at a time, which means your construction work will always be their top priority.

Find out more about what Freeform Construction can do for you and your home at, or call 0161 766 6518.


Loft conversions with Freeform Construction (

While property prices struggle in many parts of the UK, there has been a rise in the number of homeowners who are staying put and choosing instead to improve their property instead of selling it. There is a particularly trend for this in London, but loft conversions and extensions are happening in both built up and suburban areas across the UK.

Increases value

It’s estimated that even in this unstable climate, converting your loft into a tangible living space (e.g. an extra bedroom, study or even lounge) could improve the value of your property by 10%. Certainly the trend has become more popular since new regulations came in which mean you can convert your loft without having to obtain permission from the local council. With house prices expected to start to rise again in the next five years, for many homeowners it’s a wise move to making sure you get the best out of your investment and mortgage and that you ultimately get more for your money when you move. The Government is seeing this as a largely positive thing, as homeowners are starting to make more of the space they have.

Improves functionality

For rapidly expanding families, affording a bigger house can sometimes be too much of a financial stretch, not to mention stamp duty and all of the extra moving costs. Combine this with all of the time that has to be invested in house hunting and you arrive at something which many families don’t have the money or time for. This is why many new families are deciding to stay put, despite their motives to move because it is financially the wisest option. However, converting your loft can unlock a whole dimension to your home that you never knew was there. Many families even decide not to move after their loft extension, because the motives for moving house (more space) are gone. Many families become settled in an area and unfortunately have to move to a new area because of the limitations their house poses on their lifestyle. However, by undergoing a loft conversion, you can kill two birds with one stone by staying in the area you’ve settled in while increasing your living space dramatically.

If you would like to know how you could make more of your living space in the Manchester and North West area, then contact Freeform Construction today on 0161 766 6518 or email us at or visit our website at

Customer Satisfaction and a Ten-Year Insurance-backed Guarantee from Freeform Construction (

It’s really simple: you do a good job and you keep the customer happy. This generates a good reputation for your business that leads to both return custom and referrals. 

We know you’ve heard it all before, but these are the principles on which we base our business. Much of our work comes in from previous clients and friends of clients, so it’s vitally important that we prioritise the needs of our customers so they feel completely satisfied with their build. We’re proud of the reputation we have built and you can now read some of the glowing testimonials we have received from happy customers.

Rose Dipnall of Ramsbottom said:

“I have no hesitation in recommending Freeform Construction for their excellent standard of workmanship.”

Clair McMullen of Eccles said:

“Jim & co have totally transformed the back of our house to excellent standards and speeds unknown to most builders.”

As you can see, we make good on our principles and satisfaction is in the heart of every build we do. In such a closely-knit and price competitive industry, word always gets out if a poor job has been done but it also spreads equally quickly if people feel happy enough with their project that they want to tell others about it.

Ten years of security 

One great factor of our service is our ten-year insurance backed guarantee. We offer this on all of our major projects more as a security measure than anything else – it’s extremely rare that something goes wrong with one of our projects! We know that a lot of companies compensate mediocre or poor service with a great-sounding guarantee, only to leave you in the lurch if and when things inevitably do go wrong. It’s very easy to say you’ll come back and redo a project, but doing it is another. Unfortunately some builders bring a bad name to the trade – you only need to watch Cowboy Builders to know this. Thankfully, there is more awareness than ever about making sure your builder is trustworthy and reputable. While in some cases word of mouth can be enough, in others it’s important to find out the number and depth of any builder’s testimonials, because this is always a great indication of how they perform as professionals. Builders in the trade understand this too, so if their website doesn’t have a testimonials page or any evidence of happy customers, don’t be afraid to ask for a reference from them.

If you would like to discuss the quality of our work in the Manchester and North West area, then contact Freeform Construction today on 0161 766 6518 or email us at or visit our website at

Four Essential Factors to Consider when Choosing a Builder


Whether you’re improving your home or carrying out essential repairs, at some point all homeowners will need to call upon the services of a professional builder. But how can you ensure you’re choosing a reliable builder who’ll carry out the work to the highest standards?

Freeform Construction ( have over a decade’s experience of providing building and construction services throughout the North West, especially in Manchester, Bury, Whitefield, Prestwich and Bolton. They’ve highlighted five things you must consider when choosing someone to work on your property…

1.  Experience of similar jobs

Ensure you choose a builder who has experience of the type of job you need doing. For example, someone who normally specialises in roof repairs may lack the skills and expertise required to build your new conservatory. Ask what previous experience they have of jobs similar to yours.

2.  Timeframes agreed in advance

Agree a schedule in advance – and ensure it is stuck to as closely as possible. On all building and constructions jobs unexpected issues can arise no matter how they experienced and skilful your builder, so be prepared to make allowances, but don’t let your job drag on indefinitely. A reliable builder shouldn’t be juggling many jobs at once, so make sure yours is dedicated to your property.

 3.  Work that comes with a guarantee

Before construction work begins, check the terms of the guarantee. A good builder will have the confidence in his and his team’s skills to offer a lengthy guarantee on the work they’re carrying out for you – ten years is a reasonable length of time to expect.

4.  Testimonials from satisfied customers

The best way to ensure your builder fulfils all of the above criteria is by reading testimonials from previous clients. A good builder will have a raft of great testimonials to show you, and will be happy to share them on request. Or if your builder has a website, check to see if there’s a testimonials section.

If you’re looking for building and construction services in the North Manchester area – including Bury, Whitefield, Prestwich and Bolton – speak to Freeform Construction.

Freeform have a reputation for great customer service, experience of a wide range of building and construction services, and they only ever work on one job at a time – meaning your job will always be their number one priority. What’s more, all of Freeform Construction’s work comes with a 10-year, insurance-backed guarantee, and 100% of their projects have passed building regulations.

To find out more, and to read testimonials from satisfied customers, visit or call 0161 766 6518 or email

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